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The Instrumental Guild is a volunteer group comprised of parents who support HSPVA’s Band, Jazz, Mariachi, Orchestra, and Piano students. By giving of our time and resources, we raise much-needed funds for the Instrumental Music programs. District funding is inconsistent; we can add stability to HSPVA’s Instrumental Music budget to make sure the quality of education that our musicians receive never falters!

Do you know that this is the first full year that our Department has had a Guild? Other HSPVA art areas have had guilds for years. It is exciting that we, too, are now able to work together to support our students and faculty under the umbrella of HSPVA Friends, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. HSPVA Friends cultivates and disseminates private funding for activities all across HSPVA for which public funding is either unavailable or insufficient.

Some of our support and fundraising activities include:

  • Raising essential funds for the Instrumental Music Department through the following annual events: Spaghetti Supper, Music Program ad sales, the Middle School Workshop, the Spring Forward Giving Campaign, and concessions sales at the many Instrumental performances;
  • Providing meals for VIP guest artists and students before select performances;
  • Maintaining the sheetmusic library and uniform inventory for all instrumental ensembles; and
  • Preparing printed concert programs for each performance.

Questions? Email Instrumental Guild President Frank Angelle.

Give to the Instrumental Guild's Spring Forward Giving Campaign today!

The Spring Forward Giving Campaign is our opportunity to ensure that HSPVA’s rigorous curriculum will not just survive but thrive as it evolves with professional artistic trends. Our goal for the Spring 2018 campaign is $28,000!

Why hold a Giving Campaign in the Spring? The beginning of the school year is front-loaded with appeals for your money and your time. The Spring Forward Giving Campaign is designed to celebrate the accomplishments of our department and to provide certainty that our outstanding programs will continue in the coming year. The teachers still do not know what their 2018-2019 HISD budget will be. By giving in the spring, the teachers can plan next year’s coursework, guest artists, and performances with your gift in mind!

Let’s show the teachers our appreciation by reaching 100% participation! $28,000 is a big number, but it works out to an average of only $150 per student. Some families will be able to contribute a fraction of that amount, while others may be able to contribute several times that much. Just as it is when our students produce music together so beautifully, the size of the part you play is not important—what is important is that we all play our part!

Thank you for your help making the teachers’ goals attainable! Our students are depending on us.

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