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The Instrumental Guild is a volunteer group that supports HSPVA Band, Jazz, Mariachi, Orchestra, and Piano students. The Guild is comprised of parents, guardians, friends, and relatives of current Instrumental students. The two main goals of the Guild are 1) to provide essential funding for the Instrumental Music Department, and 2) to lighten the faculty workload by taking on tasks that can be delegated to volunteers. By maintaining an active and supportive Guild, we can ensure our students will continue to have access to excellent programs of instruction and enhanced experiential learning opportunities throughout the year.

Some of our support and fundraising activities include:

  • Raising essential funds for the Instrumental Music Department through the following annual events: Spaghetti Supper, Music Program ad sales, theĀ Middle School Workshop, the Spring Forward Campaign, and concessions sales at the many Instrumental performances;
  • Providing meals for VIP guest artists and students before select performances;
  • Maintaining the sheetmusic library and uniform inventory for all instrumental ensembles; and
  • Preparing printed concert programs for each performance.

Questions? Email Instrumental Guild President Frank Angelle.

Give to the Instrumental Guild's Spring Forward Campaign today!

All donations directly benefit the HSPVA Instrumental Music Department Ensembles. Our fundraising goal is an average gift of $250 per family, although any size is meaningful and welcome.

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